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CCTV Security and Smoke Detection

CCTV Surveillance Security Cameras, Smoke Detection & Intercom Installations. CCTV SECURITY is an important part of the home and office. Ensure the safety of your home and/or office.

I want to upgrade my Security at my home or office

Here is what we can provide you in regards to upgrading your security at your home or office:

We supply and install CCTV Cameras in your home and/or office.

Access your security devices from anywhere in the world.

We also do custom light fittings. There is no job too small or large.

CCTV Surveillance & Security

CCTV Security Cameras are a great way to deter to unwanted visitors. They can be accessed and viewed remotely, so you won’t have to be on site to monitor it. Improving your home security also has to potential to lower your home insurance costs!

Smoke Detectors

It can be difficult to trace some potential dangerous gases. Smoke detectors in the right spot allows for early detection so you can put our the fire or hazard as soon as possible before it gets out of control.


Intercom Systems are a great way for the family to communicate with strangers. They are a nice touch to a home that gives you that extra bit of privacy.

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Why Choose Us?

Our trusted team of security technicians at Get A Sparky can offer you an excellent security installation service to fit your home and provide you with a system that ideal for your needs. We understand the importance of safety and the need to secure your property, that is why we take pride in providing our customers with top quality CCTV surveillance, smoke detectors and intercoms. Give us a call today and we can provide you with the safety and security you need at a good price.

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