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Projector & Audio Installation

For decades, projectors have been the conventional method of projecting content in school halls, university lecture halls, and corporate boardrooms, and the reason is simple: projectors are extremely cost-effective.

In any size of space, a projector is essential audio visual equipment. Providing friendly expert advice and services, get a Sparky can install projectors and screens for your home theatre and your businesses.

 You can get an image of comparable size and readability for less cost than a large TV screen. At the same time, a projector must be installed correctly in order to work which is why we are here to help.

We are the Projector & Audio installation specialist in Sydney when it comes to high-quality projector installations. Create a true cinematic experience every time you watch something at home.

Sound system are just as important as screens and projectors so you can immerse yourself in entertainment.

Poorly mounted projectors can easily degrade or fail to show a crisp, clear image on the screen. It’s critical to understand the dimensions and conditions of the space, as well as how the projector will be used, before properly installing a projector.

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Why Choose Us?

We have a qualified and experienced team of technicians at hand to present you with the best products and provide you with a swift and efficient installation. Not only will we setup an audio system for you that functions correctly, but we will also make it look good by properly managing the cabling for it. All of this for a reasonable price that you will appreciate. To get a quote today, call us at 0452 338 082.

If you’re looking for an experienced, licensed electrician who specializes in electrical repair, indoor and outdoor lighting installation, panel upgrades, and/or power points, then give us a call at 0452 338 082.